Friday, February 8, 2008

What would you do with $1,200?

The economic stimilus package was passed. Woo woo. That means up to $1,200 is coming our way this spring. Note key words: up to.

Anyway, Dave and I were talking about what we'll want to do with our money. He claims that we have to spend it, because that's the whole point of the government passing out free money -- so people spend it and stimulate the economy. And as good citizens, we must do our part and spend the money the gov't gives us to spend.

And you have to spend it too. What are you thinking of spending your money on? Post comments with your ideas!

It's fun to think of some ideas. I thought of my 101 in 1,001 days list to come up with some ideas for me and Dave. Renovating our master bathroom is our first choice. Not only would we do our part in stimulating the economy, we'd also be increasing the value of our home. Here's my wish list:
  • Renovate master bathroom
  • new blinds for the loft
  • eat dinner at one of those fancy restaurants on my list
  • go on a vacation, visit family
  • take a class of sorts -- either photography, pottery or dance
  • some combination of the above


  1. Matt and I are hoping to spend the money on either getting a massage (each of us) or Matt's biggest hope is a Golf Club membership. I guess we will see how much we will get :)

  2. How about you visit family in NC, and we can go out to a fancy dinner at Ed's restaurant?!? Sounds like a plan to me :)

  3. I like the massage idea!

    Diana -- your idea uses two from my list. Good thinking! BTW -- I should have put "Eat at Ed's fancy restaurant" on my 101 in 1,001 lists. Oh well, I guess I can do it anyway. ;) And you should use your $$$ to visit family in MN!

  4. Ohhh can come to NC like Diana said...we can eat at a fancy restaurant...AND i can give you a photo class :) And a free photo shoot...see should totally come here...that uses up 3 things on your wish list :)


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