Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day!

Here's a little Valentine's Day quiz that my cousin Oanh emailed me. In honor of V-day, I took the time to fill it out....

Age of first romantic kiss? 15

Chocolates or Flowers? Flowers -- most of the time, unless it's a particular time of the month and I've been on a diet for two months. (Chocolate would be good today.) Is that TMI???

White Wedding or Secretive Elopement? White wedding

I had to delete a couple, because they were a little to personal to post on my blog... ;)

Hot Tub or Body Massage? Massage

Phone Call or Love Letter? Both

Music or Poetry? Music

Your Favorite on Screen Kiss? Hmm...that's a tough one. I had to look through my DVDs. I think the end of Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore is waiting at the baseball field for the teacher to come, and everyone is watching, and she gets her first kiss.

Your Favorite Romantic Couple? Justin Timberlake and whoever he's dating (Jessica Biel, right now.)

Your Favorite Romance Movie? When Harry Met Sally

Your Favorite Love Story? The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks)

Your Favorite Love Song? Fly Me to The Moon (Frank Sinatra)

Slow Dance or Moonlight Stroll? slow dance

Tropical Paradise or Winter Wonderland? Tropical paradise

Most romantic place to have a 1st or 2nd honeymoon? Cabo San Lucas for my first. Tahiti or some private tropical island with cabins that are built on stilts over the water for my second (right after Dave and I win the lottery:))

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