Monday, February 25, 2008

Another week begins...

Another long week began today for me. Nothing exciting at work...not even lunch. After work, I went to a mentorship open house for the girl that I'm mentoring. She's a senior in high school and wants to have a career in public relations. Hopefully, she still does after the mentorship. She's been coming to my office twice a week for the last 2 1/2 months. It's been great to have some extra help...really great. I'll be sad when she's done...which will be soon....I'll have all the media clips to process by myself.

This week is going to be extra long for Cooper Joe. He gets fixed tomorrow. Poor little man. He'll be at the vet all day, then will have to wear a cone for several days. The worst part -- he won't be able to play with Otis. We don't want the stitches to get damaged. I'm not sure how we're going to keep the boys apart all the time. There will be a lot more kennel time for both dogs this week, I guess.


  1. Mentoring high school students is awesome! Thanks for doing that. I spend time each year setting up mentoring and job shadowing opportunities with my students. They learn so much!!

  2. Our dogs will be in a somewhat similar situation. Tico has to have this "thing" removed from his ear--possibly melanoma. He'll be at the vet most of the day, and may have a cone as well! haha. But I have no idea how to keep Goliath away from him. Geez, these dogs are a lot of work!


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