Monday, February 11, 2008

First day at camp...

Otis and Cooper are busy at their first day at Camp Bow Wow today. Camp Bow Wow is the kennel that the boys are staying at when we go to New Jersey later this week. At camp, all the dogs get to play with each other all day long. Before your first overnight stay at camp, you're required to get an "interview," so the kennel can make sure your dog isn't aggressive towards the other dogs. It's also good for the dogs, so that they can get used to the place before you leave them there overnight.

Dave dropped them off this morning. He said Cooper was scared until he found out he can go outside anytime he wants. He loves playing in the snow! Otis loves playing with other dogs, so I'm sure he loves camp. I'll pick them up on my way home.

I think the boys are having fun. One of the cool things about this place is that they have webcams, and you can check up on your dogs. I found Otis and Cooper in Indoor Play Area 1, and you can find them too!


  1. Ok I just sat and looked at your dogs for like 10 min and it totally cracked me up..


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