Monday, July 23, 2012


I haven't posted in a long time, but Owen is at an age where he's developing and changing so much every day. I need to keep track of all the cute stuff he's doing. Otherwise, I'll forget it. So here's a couple of cute things he does.
He hasn't figured out the difference between nouns and proper nouns. He refers to most men as Dada. He refers to almost all women as Mama. He refers to kids as Manna (after his cousin, Amanda). Little boys are Maa (after his buddy Max at daycare), or else they're babies.
Owen calls himself the baby. He loves looking at the pictures and videos on my phone, so he can see the baby.
Bananas are no longer his favorite food. Now he loves Teddy Grahams, crackers, Chipotle and any kind of berries. And naturally, he wants to eat or drink whatever is in my hands.
Owen loves planes.
Owen recently started singing along with songs. His favorite is "Yeah, yeah, yeah" by GB Leighton. He also likes "Drive By" by Train and was also singing an Usher song that I hadn't heard before he was singing along to it.
That's enough snippets of life with Owen for now. It's crazy how adorable I find him to be. After he goes to bed, I find myself looking at the pictures in my phone. I sit and wish that he was still awake and goofing off with Dave and I. The boy makes my heart swell every day, and I just can't get enough. J.B.