Monday, October 17, 2011

The details are in the fabric

Recently I've noticed Owen likes to point. Mostly when he sees himself at the mirror. Or he sees his picture on the wall at daycare. Or he sees his pictures that are framed at home. I'm sure he can't help but notice himself; he is so handsome. But he likes looking at baby pictures too. He loves his baby books with photos of babies. Opening up a book to a baby playing peek-a-boo or clapping for Owen to look at provides the best chance I have at getting him to sit still long enough for a diaper change. Owen not only likes to look at those books with baby pictures, but he also likes to tell me about those babies. I can't understand what Owen's saying, but I think it's the sweetest thing that he mimics reading books already. Yesterday, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for lunch. Owen loved eating egg roll. I'm so glad he likes Vietnamese food. He's definitely his mother's son. Speaking of food, I had to ask Owen's daycare teacher to feed him a little later in the afternoon, so we can have a little time to prepare dinner for him when we get home from work. He's old enough that baby food isn't cutting it anymore -- which is a shame, because it's so easy and convenient. One night last week he ate three jars of babyfood plus puffs and some other finger food. I'd swear that his tummy is Mary Poppin's carpet bag. Owen loves laying across my back with his head hanging off the side. It's the perfect position for tickling his neck, and boy, does he errupt in giggles. It's the best. We call him a monkey. Less than two weeks until Owen's first birthday! J.B.