Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Virginia Louise (Hultgren) Kohl -- 1914 - 2008

My Great Aunt Ginny passed away this weekend. She had a great life, one that should (and will) be celebrated.

My Aunt was an amazing lady, always upbeat and optimistic. She loved everyone. And she was so kind and accepting to everyone. I mean everyone...not just our family and friends, but she helped those less fortunate.

Stevie and I had a couple of great times with her over Christmas. We went to her apartment and brought old family photos to share so we could figure out who was who, and we videotaped her. She loved looking at the old family photos, and she'd often say things like, "Oh, mom, you looked so good."

Dave came with us the last time we went. She told the three of us that she felt so blessed and lucky to be part of such a great family...a family with so much love. She specifically mentioned our last family 4th of July get-together, and she was looking around and saw my parents and was so happy to see how happy and in love they are, and the she saw me and Dave and thought the same thing about us.

She had a really strong faith, so I know she's in a good place now watching over us. And I know she's happy to be with her sisters and her husband too.

Here's the official obituary from the Star Tribune, if you're interested in reading it. I love that her last request was noted -- to let everyone know how much she loved them. That's the Aunt Ginny I know and love!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about your aunt. Mom forwarded the obituary to me yesterday...I'm sure you'll miss her. She sounds like a great lady!

  2. I meant to post this sooner...I'm sorry to hear about your aunt but it sounds like she lived a full and wonderful life...


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