Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Go Minnesota!!

Barack won Minnesota!

We did it! We did it!



  1. does it work in Minnesota? Do you just go vote like any normal election? Or do you do something weird like in Iowa?

  2. I was watching that last night to see if he won...yippee!

  3. We do something weird like in Iowa -- a caucus.

    Actually, it was an awesome expereince. Two years ago, we went to our caucus and there were only 7 people from our precinct (I think there are 11 precincts in Shakopee).

    This time there were 132 people from our precinct. And Barack won 99 of the votes and Hillary won 33.

    We're both delegates for our county convention -- to be delegates to the national convention you have to keep being selected at the next convention. I think it goes precinct caucus, county convention, congressional convention, state national. I doubt we'll go all the way, but my mom did it during the last national Democratic Convention.


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