Saturday, February 9, 2008

A day with my boys...

Today Otis, Cooper and I went to visit my sister and her family in Minneapolis. Becky, Rachel and I went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant that I've been craving for months and months, Quang's. It was so good! Emily and Amanda babysat Otis and Cooper while me and my sisters ate lunch. They said the boys did good. LOL.

After lunch, Emily, Amanda, Becky, Steven, the dogs and I went ice skating at the park right by their house. I can't find my ice skates, but I walked around on the ice. Otis and Cooper walked around on the ice too. Otis was acting kind of crazy, he kept barking, but we still had fun. I have teaching the girls how to ice skate on my list of things to do, but they were doing pretty well. Although I can teach them how to go backwards and stop and other skating skills. I think Emily had fun, even though she didn't want to go and try skating. I'm glad the girls had fun, because I want to go again once I find my ice skates.

Then Otis had to go to the vet to get an update on one of his vaccines, so he can go to the kennel this week. (Dave and I are going to visit my grandparents in NJ). He was a brave boy. Cooper was happy that finally he wasn't the one getting shots. All the people at the vet thought the boys were so cute. Actually, our vet was looking at getting one of the adult dogs that is available through our breeder, so that was cool he was familiar with the farm my boys came from.

Since the boys were good today, I had to get them Otis' favorite treat -- Busy Bones. I think it was the first time Cooper got to eat his without Otis steeling it. It was so cute -- for the first twenty minutes, Cooper just held the bone in his mouth, keeping it safe. Finally he hid in the corner and ate it. Otis of course just snarfed his down.

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera when we went skating, but I took some pics tonight of the boys eating their treats.

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