Sunday, July 18, 2010


This morning I had my first prenatal yoga experience. I really enjoyed it. I hadn't realized how much I missed taking yoga classes. And it felt great to be exercising a little more than walking. There was one move I was doing -- going from a plank to a lung (you have to bring one of your legs up front.) I was like, "whoa. There is a stomach in my way." But other than getting used to that one move, there wasn't too much that was different. Although it was kinda weird when you're supposed to be concentrating on relaxing, breahing and poses when the little guy starts kicking. He apparently wants my focus on him. Lol.

Well, I'm going to try and get some cleaning and organizing done around then house this afternoon. I better quit procrasting and go do something.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer fun.

Here are a bunch of pics from our spring and summer. I've spent too much time looking over these pics and am now this post is all in pics. Lots of Twins games (and on the field for batting practice!), Jameson's baptism, Grandma's Marathon (see if you can spot Dave...he's got a yellow hat), a day trip to Pepin and relaxing with the pups.


The Boo Report

I had my 24 week appointment today. Everything is looking healthy and normal for both Boo and me, for which I'm grateful. His heart rate was 145. And I'm growing right on track. I was a little nervous (well, not really), for the big weigh in. The doctor's scale always says more than my scale at home, and this appointment was in the afternoon (versus the mornings for all my previous appointments when I generally weigh less). But it wasn't so bad. The doctor said it was fine anyway. As well as my blood pressure. Like I said, healthy and normal.

I'll have the glucose screening at my next appointment to test for gestational diabetes as well as more blood work, so they'll be checking my platelets again. The doctor said if they go to 100 or below, the epirdural becomes questionable. And as far as I know, they are still above that (I think she said it was 140).

As far as other Boo updates go....he's kicking A LOT more. Dave can feel several kicks in a row now. And on Sunday, we both saw my stomach move. I love that he's making his presence known. It makes things seem more real. I read somewhere online that 24 weeks marks the edge of viability. I pray that doesn't happen....but it's reassuring to know that doctors would do whatever they could to keep our baby alive if he was born this early.

6 months!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh blog, how I ignore you.

Time is moving quick. And that combined with a lack of anything really blogworthy and quite a bit of laziness makes for not a lot of posting.

Here's a quick Baby Boo update. I'm nearing the end of my 22nd week. As you can see in the pic below, Boo is making plenty of room for himself in my belly. Or else, he keeps growing bigger. Hmmm...yeah, he's probably growing bigger. Once thing seems to be getting smaller -- my belly button. I really hope it doens't pop.

As you can also see in the pic, we've painted the room and set up the crib. Once it's all decorated, I'll post more nursery pics. This is just a preview. Shortly after we learned Boo was a boy, we went to Home Depot and picked out paint colors. Then I came home from work one day and the room was all painted and the nursery set up. All I can say is that my husband is amazing and I'm excited that he's so excited for Boo that he'll paint the whole room by himself. It was a really nice surprise.

Me and Boo at 22 weeks

Boo is definitely getting more active. It's lots of fun to feel him kicking. It's even more fun when he cooperates and Dave feels the kicks.

These days the pregnancy thing is going great. I feel good. Boo seems to be growing. We're starting to get some things organized. We're pretty much down to two names -- both of which we both like, which is a good dilemma to have. Live is just pretty sweet right now. We're so excited to meet this little guy. I keep daydreaming about it -- but as much as I daydream about meeting Boo, I know it's going to be so much better in real life