Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cooper Joe -- the "it" dog...

Cooper Joe survived his surgery. Dave dropped him off, and said Cooper went in like a brave boy. I was at home this morning with Otis for a little bit, and he was moping cuz Cooper was gone. When I brought Otis inside from his last trip outside, he went straight into his kennel. I guess it's apparent how much the two dogs have bonded over the last couple of months.

I picked up Cooper at the vet after work. The receptionist loved Cooper and told me she was hoping his owners would leave him, so she could take him home. Of course, we would never abandon our little guy.

Then the nurse brought him into the lobby, and the little boy that was in the waiting room said to his mom pointing to Cooper, "Mommy, I want a dog like that one."

The mom said, "Maybe someday."

We brought him home and he's doing okay. He's pretty sore. Poor little guy is getting used to the cone. He accidentally bumped a door, and it closed behind him, locking him inside the bathroom.

Otis is smart though. We've spotted him a couple times tonight sitting next to Cooper and chewing the cone. He's trying to free his brother from that cone. Silly dog.

We just relaxed at home tonight with the dogs (after I went to a sculpt class at Gold's)...and we watched the Biggest Loser and got Cam Ranh Xpress for dinner. Yumm! Here's some photos...

Otis pouting with his back to us because his brother couldn't play tonight.

This tag was around Cooper's neck for his surgery. I thought it was cute.

Daddy and his "little it"

Otis is protecting his little brother...

Dave got me flowers today...."Cuz it's Tuesday," he said. Sweet!!!


  1. Awwww...the journaling and the photos in this post are so cute....and look at my l'il brother w/a skinny face...go Dave! :)

    I missed BL last night..I was in the office picking out pics for our scrapbooking retreat this weekend....who got booted?

  2. It was a sappy, sobbing mess at the end. Mark only lost 1 lb, so he decided that he would leave. I don't have a problem with guys crying, but this was SO over the top!! Almost embarassing for them.

  3. Jenny-

    Cooper Joe will be able to play in no time! Cute pics!


    I think that taking time to pick pictures for a scrapbook weekend is a fair exchange for missing BL!


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