Thursday, May 19, 2011


So what would you do if you were in a meeting with the CEO of your company and three of the other top executives and you found a wood tick in your hair?

That's what happened to me yesterday. True story.

I seriously contemplated for five minutes about what to do. Should I risk looking rude and walk out of the meeting? Should I start shrieking and ask the person next to me for help? Should I ignore it and wait until the end of the meeting to find a way to get it out? Should I just pull it out of my hair right then and their and maybe play with it on the table?

I was going to just ignore it, but then I realized I was most likely going to be sitting in that meeting for another hour. Meanwhile that tick would continue to suck my blood and although unlikely, give me Lyme's disease. So I ended calmly leaving the conference room and then sprinted to a co-worker's cube. She bravely pulled the tick out of my scalp. I went back into my meeting and no one was ever aware of the real reason why I left the meeting.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 and 1/2 months!

We've surpassed the 6 month mark. Crazy. Owen is closer to his first birthday than he is to being born. At his six month appointment, he weighed 17 pounds and 27.3 inches -- 41 percentile and 77 percentile, respectively. A long and lean boy. He gets neither of those qualities from his mama. lol.

I think Owen's most advanced skill is his vocal skills. He's been making raspberries for at least a month. Owen's doctor said that is an 8-month-old skill. Within the last week, he's even started rolling his tongue. He sounds like a bird chirping away. He's also learned to shriek. Very. Loudly. He is constantly babbling. Ahhing and Ooohing. Giggling too. His giggles are the absolute best sound in the world.

Speaking of giggling. Otis and Gracie make Owen giggle. Otis with his licks. Gracie with her fur. Anytime Owen touches Gracie and Otis he laughs. These days Otis and Gracie will take attention from whoever they can get -- even Owen. It amazes me how gentle they both are with him.

What about Cooper? He still stays away from Owen. He sniffs Owen every once in a while, but really has no interest in our little boy.

While Owen just celebrated his 1/2 birthday, Dave and I recently celebrated our actual birthdays. Owen's gift to me on my birthday was rolling over from back-to-stomach-to-back for the first time. Owen's gift to Dave was sitting on his own -- even if it lasted mere seconds, it happened. In the days since, Owen's definitely gotten better at this skill. He can now hold himself long enough for me to take a picture on my phone.

I think I can honestly say the past six months have been the best of my life. It amazes me how much joy Owen has brought into my life. Love you so much, little man!