Wednesday, January 16, 2008

101 in 1,001

This list took me a lot longer to develop than I originally thought! It's a to-do list: 101 things to do in 1,001 days.

A couple months back I created a shorter list of things to do before I die, but I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea. It gives me a chance to really set goals to get some of those things on my "do before I die" list done, and get them done in the next 1,001 days.

BTW, let's give today the start day. Nov. 13, 2010 will be when my time is up to get this all done.

I should mention that there are items on this list I may do more than once. Also, there are items that can't really be measured and checked off. But they're still items that I can look back and decide if I made a solid effort towards achieving them. The items are in no particular order, all though I did organize them by groups.

Here it is...

1. Lose twenty pounds
2. Take a photography class
3. Set Do my personal best time at Grandma's Half-Marathon in 2008 -- Completed 6/21/2008
4. Blog every day for a month -- Completed 2/29/2008
5. Learn photoshop
6. Take a pottery class
7. Vote for Barack Obama for President -- Completed 11/4/2008
8. Be a better Sister
9. Be a better Wife
10. Be a better Friend
11. Be a better Aunt
12. Be a better Niece
13. Be a better Granddaughter
14. Join a Bible Study Group -- Completed 12/4/2008
15. Finish reading Suite Francaise
16. Finish reading The Choice -- Completed 1/22/2008
17. Read The Kite Runner
18. Read Memoirs of a Geisha
19. Read Love in the Time of Cholera
20. Read Eat, Pray, Love -- Completed 4/23/2008
21. Read A Thousand Splendid Suns -- Completed 6/26/2009
22. Break my Caribou habit -- Completed November 2008
23. Teach a Sunday School class at church
24. Bring my lunch to work with me every day for a month -- Started January 11, 2010
25. Save six months worth of income for an emergency savings account
26. Exercise five days a week for three months and make it a habit
27. Make a habit of using re-usable shopping bags
28. Make a habit of taking a multi-vitamin --Summer 2009
29. Learn to count calories and actually do it!
30. Grow as a Christian
31. Make a scrapbook of our trip to Thailand
32. Get more comfortable at meeting new people
33. Don't judge people
34. Try 1 new recipe every week for a month -- Completed 2/21/2009
35. Stop drinking pop
36. Stop biting nails
36.1. Help a stranger

37. Get Pregnant -- Completed 7/21/2009, 2/23/2010
38. Have a baby
39. Draw photo of Dave's family for Dave
40. Complete ancestor scrapbook
41. Complete wedding scrapbook
42. Plan Dave's college graduation party
43. Watch Dave cross the finish line at Grandma's Full-Marathon -- Completed 6/21/2008, 6/20/2009
44. Watch Otis and Dave compete in an agility competition
45. Visit my grandparents in NJ -- Completed 2/18/2008
46. Visit Stevie in LA -- Completed 9/21/2009
47. Visit Dave's family in NC -- Completed 12/24/2008
48. Coordinate a family volunteer event at Feed My Starving Children -- Completed 1/3/2009
49. Start an annual Asian cooking day with Becky and family
50. Finish housebreaking Cooper Joe -- Completed Spring 2008
51. Teach Emily and Amanda how to ice skate
52. Make a baby scrapbook (must complete 37 & 38 first)
53. Have a family photo session done by Katie -- Completed 8/5/2008, 12/30/2008, 10/28/2009
54. Make a baby blanket (knit, crochet or quilt, etc.) -- This requires that I learn how to knit, crochet or quilt blankets
54.1. Go to a Marriage Encounter retreat

Work/School55. Get a new job -- Completed 7/29/2008
 56. Complete the research project for my Masters of Business Communication
57. Develop an online portfolio of work samples

58. Decorate the nursery -- Completed 08/2/2010
59. Renovate the master bath
60. Get a new desk in the loft -- Completed 8/30/2008
61. Get new blinds for the loft -- Completed 9/1/2008
62. Buy an 1080p LCD HD TV -- Completed 1/27/08
63. Replace all of our light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights
64. Install an electronic thermostat
65. Get a new painting for above our couch in the living room -- Completed 2/1/2009 (Not really new, but we swapped and moved our paintings all around.
66. Re-finish my grandma's dresser -- Completed 7/31/2009
67. Buy a dishwasher -- Completed 4/9/2008
67.1 Get new couch for the loft (with a hide-a-bed) -- Completed 9/11/2008

68. Go to a MN Wild game -- Completed 3/2/2008
69. Get to expert in Guitar Hero
70. See the Pompeii an exhibit at the MN Science Museum
71. Eat at the Oceanaire Seafood Room
72. Eat at Manny's Steak House
73. Catch my first fish -- Completed 9/13/2008
74. Learn to water ski -- Completed 8/10/2008
75. Ride a horse
76. Visit an art museum
77. Go to the MN Twins home opener at the new stadium (or a game in the opening series) -- Completed 4/13/2010
78. Swim with dolphins
79. Go para sailing
80. Take a dance class w/ Dave
81. Throw a wedding or baby shower for someone, preferably a friend or family member, but not anyone in particular -- Completed 10/25/2008
82. Have a summer pool party and BBQ -- Completed 8/3/2008
83. Learn to golf

84. Go on a Caribbean cruise
85. Kayak in the Apostle Islands
86. Take my nieces on a vacation
87. Take a family canoe trip in the BWCA (with Cooper & Otis, of course!)
88. Visit Las Vegas
89. Visit a friend that lives out of state -- Completed 7/15/200890. Spend a night at The Plaza Hotel in NYC
91. See a play on Broadway
92. Take a vacation with my sisters
93. Plan the 2nd Annual Chicago girls weekend w/ Erin, Rachel and Melissa
94. Visit Lake Itasca -- the headwaters of the Mississippi River
95. Go to Grandview Lodge to watch the Mraz Broz. with Krissy
96. Go on a ski trip with Krissy, Rachel and Rachel
97. Go on a service project trip (i.e. Katrina)
98. Spend a weekend night at a bed & breakfast -- Completed 3/8/200999. Visit Paris, France
100. Visit the Grand Canyon
101. Do the Lake Superior sailing trip with my dad
101.1 Visit Mount Rushmore
101.2 Visit Banff National Park in Canada


  1. Looks like I'll be taking part in quite a few of your 101. Should be a good time:)

  2. Wow! I love reading all of your goals....I can't wait to see you start checking them off. Especially #69 (guitar hero)


  3. You motivate me to make my own list. I enjoyed reading yours and can't wait to make my own!


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