Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

This week I'm so thankful that my husband is back home!!! He has been gone the last two weekends, and now he's home. It's so good to be reunited. The house is just a lot lonelier without him. Otis and Cooper get sad too. Thankfully, neither one of us have any plans to travel without each other in the foreseeable future, so it'll be a while until I'm home alone again. I'm really grateful that neither one of us has jobs that require a lot of travel. I guess that could change at some point.

In sad news though, Dave's grandma passed away today. We'll always remember her. I know that she's in a good place now watching over us. She's not in pain anymore, so that's a blessing.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The silent treatment...

I think Otis knows I was responsible for taking Dave to the airport, and so he's giving me the silent treatment. He misses his daddy so much. Either that -- or he super-glued himself to the floor.

Warning: This video is very boring.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiero calcetines

Tonight Emily and Amanda are sleeping over at my house. While we were eating, they said they missed their Auntie Stevie because she's always so far away, so we decided to make a movie for her. (Uncle Dave -- they miss you too, but they just didn't say it in the conversation). I don't even know if Stevie looks at this blog -- but hopefully you do...because this movie is for you.

Take 1

(Otis and Cooper went a little crazy).

Take 2 -- The real movie, "Quiero Calcetines"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for family. My family. My family that includes both Dave's family and my family...since it's just all my family now. I'm thankful for having families that loves one another. Families that support one another. Families that laugh together. Families that enjoy spending time together.

This week has been a hard week for Dave's family (my family). Dave's grandma had a heart attack late last week. Monday Dave and I went to Rochester to see her. We both thought she looked good. Tired, yes. But happy to see us. Able to have a conversation. Able to get out of bed. But things have deteriorated since then. She's now receiving hospice care.

It's never easy to see someone you love dying. Even though this time is difficult, I can still find reason to be thankful. I'm thankful that Grandma Louise has been surrounded by her family this week. That lots and lots of prayers are being said for her. I'm grateful that I've had the chance to get to know the woman that Dave call Grandma. I'm thankful that I've got to taste the delicious rolls she bakes...and her cookies too. I'm thankful that she's always been happy to see me. I'm thankful for the time Otis woke up her up by sneaking into her room and licking her face when we slept over at her house with us. I'm thankful that she got to be at our wedding. I'm grateful she was able to say, "I love you," during our last visit. I'm thankful for witnessing her faith and love for God. I'm thankful that she's had the chance to see what a wonderful man and husband her grandson has become.

She's still her. She hasn't passed yet. But even when her time comes, she'll always be remembered and loved. And I know she'll always be watching over us....right up there with my grandma.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Could he be...

...the most playful dog in the world?

I decided to make a video tonight so that Dave can see what he missed while he was fishing. But I guess the same thing happens pretty much every day, so this isn't really a surprise for him. And I guess he won't watch this until he's home, so he probably has the real Cooper Joe sitting next to him as he reads this post. So I guess the real reason I'm posting this video is because I love sharing Cooper with all my blog readers (all 5 followers...and others that should sign up to follow me)! He's the cutest dog in the world!

I now present a video of Cooper playing with his Mom (me) and his brother, the dog, Otis. And you won't be able to help but notice two things. 1) How cute Cooper is. 2) That Otis doesn't like it when he doesn't get my undivided attention.

Now on to the video!

Want more Cooper movies? Watch Cooper and his sister, the cat, Gracie play!

Home Alone. AAAHHHHH!

If only my name was Kevin, the title would fit perfectly.

This weekend I'm home alone. Well, not quite. The pets - Otis, Cooper and Gracie are home with me. But they just don't provide the conversation and sense of security that my charming husband provides me.

Dave's up north on the annual guy's fishing trip. This is a weekend he looks forward to all year long and he almost didn't go this year because he's flying to North Carolina to help his parents move and he felt bad being gone two weekends in a row. But he doesn't get to see these guys enough and he'd be wishing he was there if he was home, so I told him he should go. Of course, he listened!

Anyway, this is a really boring blog post. But I guess that's my mood right now anyway. I'm just relaxing at home with the dogs tonight. Tomorrow I'm having coffee with my dad, going to the farmer's market and seeing a movie with Krissy and Rachel. Then the next day, Dave will be home. It'll be a nice and quiet couple of weekends for me, but that's usually how I like it anyway.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

I've been absent from blogging for a whole week! It's been busy and there's lots I could have been blogging about. My birthday. Mother's Day. Dave's birthday. But there's one thing that really got in my way. School. I had a big paper I had to write, so I've spent most of my free time working on that. The good news?

It's done.

The even better news?

My semester is over! And for that, I'm thankful!!

Actually, that's not quite true...still a few things I need to turn in within the week. But I'm really thankful this semester is 99.9% over. It's been a long one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Today I'm thankful for me! Just's my birthday, so today's all about me, right? lol.

Actually, since it's my birthday, I am thankful for my parents -- without them, I wouldn't be here. Also for all of my friends who keep sending me emails, texts and Facebook messages wishing me a great day. And my dad who had lunch with me today. And my great co-workers who turned my day around... day started with traffic jams and long lines at Caribou and culminated with me spilling my entire large Hot Apple Blast on me and my car and the ground when I got out of my car. I was so frustrated and slightly became overcome with emotion (how embarrassing) when I walked in to see my cube fully decorated for my b-day. After I told them what happened, we did a Caribou "re-do" and all drove over there together and got a new drink.

And I'm also thankful for my husband who surprised me a little bit ago by delivering some flowers and my happy birthday card to my office in person and further making my day much better than it started.

My favorite part of my birthday isn't the presents or the big celebration (and I have class tonight, so no big celebration today for me)'s definitely just feeling the love from everyone all around.

I'm so thankful for the love.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May is here!

May is here!

Some random stuff...
  • I'm back at work now after my vacation. Dave and I had a great week at home together.
  • Our friends Beth and Dave had a baby boy yesterday. He was 9 lbs 12 oz!!! He's a big boy!
  • My nieces' school is closed this week due to a probable case of swine flu.
  • Dave starts his new job today!
  • Did you know this week is National Pet Week? Otis and Cooper might have to get rawhides to celebrate.
  • If you read my blog, please become a fan and "follow me" on the button on the right. I added that feature a couple of weeks ago....and I know that I have more than 1 blog reader out there!

May is a good month for many reasons. Just look what we got going on this month...

  • Dave finishes his spring semester at MSU.
  • I'm finishing my semester at UST.
  • I celebrate my b-day.
  • Dave celebrates his b-day.
  • Mother's Day.
  • Dave's going to visit his parents in North Carolina to help them move into their new house.
  • Dave starts a new job.