Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snippets (24 months)

Owen's 24th month has come and gone. I think this has been my favorite age so far. His vocabulary increases every day, and it's so fun to teach him new words and hear him try to say the words back. Here's a couple of Owen snippets from the last month:
  • He loves his sister Heidi so much. He always wants to kiss her, hold her, grab her hands and toes. Sometimes he isn't as gentle as he should be, but we're working on it. I love witnessing the sibling bond that they share, and I hope that it continues to strengthen as they grow older.
  • Speaking of Heidi, apparently we practiced the answer to, "What's your sister's name?" a little too much. If you ask Owen, "What's your name?" He replies, "Heidi."
  • Owen has the most enthusiastic, "Choo-choo," I've ever heard.
  • He pretty much knows the sound every animal makes. The best is his sound for bears, tigers, lions and dinosaurs. They all go "rawr", but Owen whispers the roar every time.
  • Owen had his first kiss on Thanksgiving with my sister's great niece.
  • When we leave for daycare in the morning, Owen says, "Bye-bye, house."
  • He likes giving good night kisses to everyone, including the dogs.
  • He prefers wearing clothes and pjs adorned with footballs.
  • He loves spotting buses. When he sees one, he often waves to it, and then says bye-bye to the bus. 
  • He's learning his colors. Must everything is blue, although snow is either white or yellow. He gets the color of the buses right the majority of the time (city buses are white and school buses are yellow, of course).
  • Snow is pronounced, "nose."
  • Our family from North Carolina came to visit. Owen had a lot of fun with his aunties and grandparents. His aunties even took him to the Mall of America for some shopping.
  • Dinners with Owen are [usually] a blast. He loves making us laugh, and laughs at himself. He also loves telling us his food is nummy, nummy.