Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WTSDT vs The Captain and Squirts

The Captain and and his wiggly side-kick, Squirts (aka Otis and Cooper), are facing a big challenge. While in Kansas City, we came across a dog store that sells the "World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy." Like a lot of dogs, Otis and Cooper love to destroy practically every dog toy we give them, especially stuffed toys. Within minutes of receiving a stuffed toy, the seam is ripped out of the toy and the stuffing explodes all over the living room floor like Mentos submerged into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. (And if you haven't seen the video, you need to follow the link and watch!)

Anyway, I fell for the "World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy" promise and bought the toy. Who wouldn't after reading the description?

Ultimate Construction: Each toy is made with two layers of industrial grade luggage material and 1 layer of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams.

So we gave the dogs the toy, and amazingly after three days the only damage is to the black trim (which Otis proudly shows off in his photo). We've yet to see spewed stuffed toy guts strewn across our living room floor (graphic, huh?) Stay tuned to see who will win the battle between the "World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy" and the Captain and his wiggly side-kick, Squirts!

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  1. Our girls do not rip apart their own toys too badly. But if Lucy gets ahold of one of the boys animals- the eyes are toast!! She also is good at eating train tracks!!


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