Monday, April 7, 2008

Two good quotes...

Yesterday, there were two memorable quotes that I'd like to was from church and the other from my niece, Emily.

Sunday's sermon: "God works through love, not fear."

Here's some background info on Emily's give you some context. She and her family just got back from Mexico...she speaks Spanish because she goes to a Spanish immersion school. First, she said she wants to go to Mexico with just me. So then I asked her if she wants to go with me to North Carolina and see the Ring Boy.

Her response: "I can't go there, because I don't know the language."

Apparently, with her limited travel experiences, she's under the impression that every place speaks a different language.


  1. I love the things that kids say! Thanks for the smiles!

  2. oh girl - if she speaks spanglish, north carolinianese would really throw her for a loop. i love it ;)

  3. That is too funny..but like Diana said in her email....Edwin doesn't speak English (according to Anthony) and he does fine around


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