Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No more excuses...

I've been really good at making excuses to refrain from running for the last week! Today, I didn't have any decent excuses left.

1) I'm not on vacation anymore.
2) The wind isn't blowing 40 mph.
3) The TV show I needed to watch (American Idol) didn't start until 8.
4) And I'm tired of being lazy and using the "I'm too tired and worked too hard at work today" excuse.

So today I manned up and did my run. Unfortunately, I remapped my route on google, and what I thought was 5 miles was only 3.45 miles. Honest mistake, I swear.

And so tonight, as I think about future runs and the need to find new, longer, pedestrian-friendly routes, I unknowingly embarked on a journey to find a map of paved trails in Shakopee. My Google search skills were MIA. It took me an hour. But I found it. And I'm really just blogging this post, so that I can't conveniently lose the map....unless some evil webmaster decides to change the link.

Now I can have sweet dreams of running all the way to downtown Shak-town on sunny, warm weekend mornings. Woo woo.

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  1. I believe you, your 3.45 miles was a mistake :) It is nice that exercising (except swimming) can be done outside now!!


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