Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Captain and Squirts win the challenge...

You might recall this post from a couple of weeks ago about the big challenge facing The Captain and his side-kick squirks.

Well, I'm back to report that The Captain and Squirts won the battle against "World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy." One night a couple of days ago, Otis stayed up late chewing on this thing. I woke in the morning to a green fuzz covered bedroom. He chewed a hole through one of the ends of the bone, and it exploded all over.

Here's The Captain enjoying his win!


  1. So did it last as long as advertised?

  2. Does that thing have a guarantee on it? You need a refund!!

  3. I asked if they had a guarantee on it before I bought it....but they don't because at some point in time..if it's chewed enough, it'll deteriorate.

    My dogs may be small, but they are the best chewers! At least it was the bone and not my shoes!


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