Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Update...

First, this ended up being no big deal (well, for me in Shakopee...but people up north got pounded pretty hard). I'm glad that Ms. Spring won that battle against Mr. Winter. But really, Mr. Winter really needs to go hibernate for the next 6 months (6 month minimum).

Second, the boys are here on another camping adventure. Try to find them running around if you can on the web cams.

Third, we're going to be leaving in a little bit to go here to go here. Aimee invited us to go for Jim's birthday as a surprise, and so Dave surprised me too. We're only going to be there for 1 day, but I'm hoping we have enough time to find some good BBQ. I'm planning on taking lots of pictures for the blog, since I neglected to use the camera on our last trip when we went there.

Are my links annoying you?? Too bad. You're going to have to follow them to understand the story. Or stay tuned until I post the pics, I guess. lol.

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  1. i already knew the story so I just rolled over the links..haha. have fun!!


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