Monday, April 21, 2008

I really did it this time..

Today, I really ran five miles. I mapped my route before I ran. I'm actually very happy that I found that map of paved trails in Shakopee. I did a new route taking a paved trail that I've never been on before, and I never knew such a great running trail existed within running distance of my house. It goes through this wetland conservation area, complete with boards and diagrams explaining how they're conserving the wetland. The route is mostly flat, has bridges boardwalks, woods and water. It's definitely my favorite new route. And it's such a peaceful trail. I love when it's just you and Earth and God! I know I'm going to have some fun times on this trail in my years to come.

According to the map and Dave (he used this for his 14 mile run yesterday), if you keep running, it connects to a nearby retail area where there are a couple of restaurants, and then if you go farther, you can go all the way to downtown Shakopee. That's pretty exciting to me, because I thought that if you wanted to go to anyplace besides Wal-mart from my neighborhood, you had to drive because we're surrounded by busy roads...and that was one of the things I disliked about the location of where I live. Not anymore!

Anyone that wants to go on a run, bike ride or Rollerblade excursion with me, let me know!

And I finished my run in perfect time! I grabbed the dogs to take them out quick, because storm clouds were rolling in....right after we got outside, it started pouring on us and hailing. Fun, fun. I'm really glad I made it home!

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