Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yes, I run. Sometimes...

One of my ideas when I started blogging was to write about running and training for my next big race (Twin Cities 10-miler on Oct. 7). However, as many of you know, I’m a big slacker when it comes down to actually going outside and running a few miles. So there really hasn’t been too much for me to write about…

But I actually did get an opportunity to run a 5-K race with some friends at work back in the beginning of August on a cold and rainy Saturday morning. It was the Shakopee Derby Days race. Despite the rain, the race was actually kind of fun. It was at Canterbury Downs and the race starts on the actual horse-race track. There was a trumpet player playing a horse race tune (is there an actual name for the horse race music they play??), and then you get to leave the starting gate just like a horse (not that I really want to be a horse, but it is a unique way to start a race).

To my surprise, I got an email this morning with some pictures of the race. Thought they’d be fun to share.

Can you find me in this one?

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