Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just another day in paradise...

Tonight was just a quiet night at home. Got home from work. Dave and I made dinner together. Ginger-soy glazed chicken over white rice and green beans on the side. We make a pretty good cooking team. It is Thursday night, so I got to watch my favorite TV show, Ugly Betty. Then we took Otis for a walk around the neighborhood. That's pretty much our night....typical for a night when both of us are at home (except we were too lazy to go to Dairy Queen). Now Dave is playing video games and I'm writing on my blog and checking Facebook and my email. So exciting, huh?


  1. How did you do the label thingies??

    I love Ugly Betty - but I watched them on when they were new so now they are all re-runs to me....Thursdays were my favorite night of tv....Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and then ER.....I can't wait until fall! haha

  2. class this fall is on Thursday nights, so that sucks!


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