Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Family vacation

We just got back from our soggy family vacation. Yes, soggy. Only in Minnesota, would you go camping in August and it would be in the 60's, overcast and raining for three days. It rained every day on our camping trip. Actually, the rain wasn't too bad. Dave and I were still able to get our campfires started. I guess I'd rather take the cool, wet weather than 90-some degrees and humid.

Good thing we actually rented a cabin, so I'm not sure if you'd call it camping. Our cabin is best described as a shed with windows. Basically, it had bunk beds and a counter top, with a mini-refrigerator and a microwave. But we had to build a campfire, which was right outside our front door, to make our meals. (Rachel -- I know you've been anticipating the part where I talk about the food we ate.) The first night, we roasted hot dogs. The second night, we grilled steaks. The third night, we made poor man's dinner (ground beef chunks, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked on the fire). We roasted a lot of marshmallows too.

We spent a lot of time reading our books. We also went rollerblading on the Paul Bunyan Trail one day. We also rented a fishing boat, so I could catch my first fish. (I've only gone fishing one other time in my life, and I have never caught a fish). Well, it turns out the fish weren't biting this weekend. I'm 0-for-2 on catching fish. The only thing Dave caught was a little baby fish off the dock. He didn't catch anything on the boat either. Otis was a little hesitant about his first boat ride, but soon enjoyed the breeze in his face as Dave sped our boat around. (FYI...that was a joke. Our boat did not speed -- we possibly could have paddled faster.) All in all, our vacation was a good time.

Otis is his name and camping is his game.

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun...thanks for sharing all of the pictures!!


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