Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Intermediate Obedience, Week 4

We had another class tonight. Otis did awesome! He did all his healing perfectly. We had to do something new -- a figure-8. A handler and their dog sat at one side, a cone was at the other side. Otis had to heal with me, making figure-8's around the handler/dog and the cone. He never sniffed the other dog and stayed right at my side. Go Otis!

We had a substitute teacher tonight, Karen. Karen was the teacher for Otis' last session (beginner 2). She told me that Otis has improved "leaps and bounds." She said that his patience and concentration has gotten better. wooo-yeee!

Otis is his name and obedience is his game!

Only 4 more classes until agility!

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