Monday, January 18, 2010

Training starts now

For the first nine months of 2009, I focused pretty much all of my energy on having a baby. It was the reason why I exercised. The reason why I wanted to eat healthier. The reason why I hardly drank at all. The reason why I didn't sign up for a half-marathon (which I'd be doing on an annual basis for three years).

Look where it got me.

Here I am a year later. No pregnancy. No baby.

In some ways I feel I missed out on a lot of life last year.

So this year, things are going to be different. Yes, those things I did last year were probably good changes to make. And I'm going to continue being as healthy as I can be. But this year, I'm doing it for me. We're actually going to slow down on this whole starting family thing. I don't want to look back on another year giving up things I like to do for something that may not happen. If we get pregnant, great. That would be awesome. But if not, I still have a lot of life to live. I don't want it to pass me by.

I'm signing up for a half-marathon. Lake Minnetonka. May 2.

Training starts TODAY.


So I made it to the treadmill. But I didn't log the two miles as planned. As I was getting ready, I dug my hand through my toiletry bag to get a hair binder. My razor was in my toiletry bag too. You can guess what happened.

I totally gouged my finger against the razor blade. Blood was pouring out of my finger. But I was on a tight schedule and I was determined to get done with my run. I wrapped a paper towel around my finger and headed to the treadmill. It wasn't long before the paper towel was soaked through with blood. Since it was my first time running in probably six months and I hadn't eaten in several hours, I had visions of getting dizzy and passing out. I could seriously smell the blood. So after 1.25 miles, I had to be done.

But I think running with a bloody finger for 1.25 miles shows some sense of dedication and determination. Don't you think?



  1. I'm proud of you...:) love you! Oh and next time watch where you put your hands!!

  2. You guys are awesome for leaving some comments!! I love you guys!


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