Saturday, January 16, 2010

Testing my [non-existent] math skills

Today I'm doing what I'm sure you're dreaming of doing on a Saturday afternoon.

I'm taking a math test.

A THREE hour math test.

I'm in a master's program for a Masters of Business COMMUNICATION -- well, I was accepted into a provisional status. My math score on the GMAT was a little low. So they gave me a couple of different options and I procrastinated, of course. Currently, I can't take any more classes until I fulfill their math requirement. 

The cheapest and least time-consuming option is PASSING their math placement exam. 

Being the thrifty person I am, that's the route I choose to do. In a matter of 20 days, I've relearned 12 years worth of math.

I think I did it. Knock on wood!

If I don't pass the test today (which doesn't have any multiple choice have to be able to solve the problems), I will have to either retake the GMAT or take a math class. And I won't be able to take any more classes until I do one of those....and their math class isn't available until fall. 
The stakes are high, but the reward will be good. 
IF you call being able to take more classes a good reward.


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  1. It's been years since this post. May I know the result of your exam? If you don't mind, of course. Reading your post reminded me of my big exams in college. It is definitely overwhelming, and like you, Math is not my cup of tea. But I would always gather the strength to face the numbers and asked someone to tutor me. It turned out great, I must say.


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