Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP Spike

Dave was looking at our dogs' breeder's Web site today. We love to check it every once in a while and see the new siblings Otis and Cooper has. Well, there was some sad news on that site today. Otis' biological dad passed away. His name was Spike. It makes me sad. For Otis. Not that he'd understand if we told him. But it also makes me sad for me. Dave and I operate under the assumption that our puppies are going to live forever. But Spike's death is a reminder that our puppies are not invincible.

So tonight I'm going to give the dogs a little extra cheese in their dog food and give them some extra scratches. Just so they know how much we love them and love having them with us right now.

Here's Otis and Spike side by side. Any family resemblance? They both have a lot of hair!!

Spike's photo is courtesy of www.s-dstables.com


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