Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday -- Otis' homecoming

Another big homecoming for The Balow Bunch was the day we got Otis.

We Dave anticipated getting Otis for such a long time.

When Dave was in the army, he wanted to get a dog. I told him he should wait until he got out of the service.

When Dave and I lived in an apartment, he wanted to get a dog. I told him we should wait until we have more space.

When Dave and I bought a house, he wanted to get a dog. I told him we should wait until after our wedding and after the honeymoon.

So it was decided that a dog would be my wedding present to Dave.

Otis was actually born before our wedding. Dave picked him out, but Otis wasn't old enough to go home until about a month after the wedding.

Here's the first photo of Otis that we ever saw.

We loved him immediately.

During our honeymoon, Dave would check his email every day to see if the breeder had emailed us any new pictures. One day we got lucky and saw this:

Finally, on the last Saturday in July, it was time to go pick up Otis. We drove 4-5 hours down to a farm in Iowa. We loved getting a tour of the farm, meeting Otis' parents, seeing the other dogs and puppies.

 That's Otis' mama, Angel, and one of his sisters.

Angel loves attention, just like Otis!

We drove back home with two puppies. Another couple was buying the other pup and they lived by us. So we took their dog back with us so they didn't have to drive down to Iowa too. We didn't know what they were going to call her, so we called her Princess. We were so tempted to keep her!

Dave and the little Princess.

O-bear and I. We put his little collar on him right away!
Checking out his new toy.

Otis and Princess did a great job on the way home. They didn't cry at all. That was so unlike my experience with my first dog, Nels. He cried the whole way home and my mom and I cried too.

Anyway, we loved Otis straight from the get-go. He looked like a little bear cub and waddled around the grass. It's so funny to remember how slow he was as the grass was almost as tall as him, because now he's so speedy. He would lick us right on our chin, just like we always dreamed our puppy would.

Our family.

Checking out another new toy. Today he would destroy a toy like this in seconds!.

Dave finally got his puppy. He said it was worth the wait, because if we had gotten a pup any earlier, it wouldn't have been our Otis.

Sleepy pup!

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  1. cute! Hard to believe he was so small once...

  2. WE saw a commercial on TV today (I do not remember what it was for), but the two dogs looked like Otis and Cooper!


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