Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random thoughts...

Yesterday was Dave's birthday! Those five days of the year where he taunts me for being older are finally done now that we're both 28. I think he had a decent birthday. I felt bad because he tried so hard to make my b-day special, and I had to go to work and go to school (it was the final exam, so I couldn't even skip it). Thank goodness for all his friends on FB who wrote him a million b-day well wishes. I know that made him feel good. I ended up being up to meet up with him and my parents at a restaurant for a late dinner. Dave was helping my Dad with the launch of this painting that he teamed up with a local artist on to support our military vets. It was another thing that I really wish I could have gone to yesterday, but that whole school thing had to get in the way. But I'm really glad the semester is over -- well, almost. I still have to finish up a paper by Monday. I'm thinking that now my final is done, I will finally get a chance to post those pictures from my birthday.

In more exciting news, I may be feeling Boo squirming around. Yesterday I felt this twitchy ticklish kinda feeling. I wasn't too sure if it was Boo, but it was something that I hadn't ever felt before. Then today, I've felt it a couple more times. So now I'm starting to think that it is the kiddo.

So I have a question for you guys....I was thinking of putting a poll on my blog asking people if they think Boo is a boy or girl. But then I was thinking that I'd like to know who thinks what. So do you think I should just put a poll where people can easily vote -- or should I create a special page and make people leave a comment with their guess. I'm thinking of making people comment with their guesses. It would be a little more work for people, but I think it'd be more fun to read. What do you think? I guess this is the pre-poll poll. Haha.



  1. Make them leave a comment with their guess...just give them instructions on how to do it..some people just can't seem to figure it

    That's so exciting you're starting to feel Boo kick!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great feeling...

    luv u!


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