Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally...some pictures

Here are some pics from two weekends ago. I've been meaning to post them, but I've been lazy. And busy finishing up the spring semester. If this is any sort of indicator of how good I'll be at sharing pics once Boo is here, well, I'm sorry in advance. But pictures of my child will be more interesting than pics of me, and I'm sure I will be excited to share, so I guess we will see. 

Here's a pic from my birthday. My awesome in-laws felt bad about the special b-day plans Dave made for me getting canceled (getting my hair cut and colored at the salon...my stylist got sick). So together they ordered my this adorable flower cake and balloon. I almost didn't answer the door when they were delivered (you try opening the door with two psycho barking dogs) since I assumed it was some door-to-door salesman....but I was oh-so-happy I answered the door anyway. It was such a thoughtful gift and it totally made my day.

The following night we went to the wedding for one of my family's friends. It was really fun because my sister Stevie came home for the wedding. She was there along with one of my best friends Krissy and my parents. I hadn't been to a wedding with these special people since my own, so it was fun to hang out with them. And my other good friend Michelle was there too, since it was her sister getting married. Her sister was beautiful.

Me and the father of my child :)

Me with Krissy and Michelle. Our friendships go back. way back.
The little lister. She is looking really good. Especially since she had her gall bladder removed a little over a week before this picture was taken.

This was probably the highlight of my night. A polka came on and he asked Stevie to dance with him. My mom was impressed with his polka skills. She said he was the best polka dancer there. Apparently, she's never seen him polka before. So then when a second polka came on, he asked my mom to dance. It was so fun to see them dance together. I wouldn't be surprised if my mom picked up a polka CD and played it sometime so we could have a polka party. 



  1. Awwww...yay! So fun to see the pics of the cake (finally..haha) and you and my brother look so cuuuute! Y'all look all grown up and look at that baby bump! And my baby brother looks so handsome :) Stevie looks good too..haha.. and the polka made me laugh

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  3. Ooh, I love the pictures!!!!


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