Monday, May 10, 2010

My sensitive pup

With his bright blue eyes and his wiggly back end, Cooper Joe is our sensitive pup. His eyes are sensitive to the sun, so they squint in the sun. His is emotionally sensitive. He loves giving gentle kisses. He loves wiggling with excitement when Dave or I get home.

It turns out, his bladder is also sensitive. When he was just a pup, some "leakage" issues prompted a visit to the vet and he had an UTI and an intestional infection. Today Dave and I took him back to the vet, because we noticed some of the same symptoms that he had during the last infection.

And once again, our little guy is sick. The vet said the infection was still mild. I'm glad we caught it before it was causing him too much discomfort. He got a shot of antibiotics and some pills to take over the next two weeks.

Can I just say that Cooper is the cutest pup when he goes to the vet? He's without his brother, so he isn't sure what to do. He just sits so politely in the backseat. At the vet, he gets scared, so he stays right by our side. He doesn't even want any treats. He doesn't want to sniff the other dogs. He just wants to get the vet stuff done so he can go home to his brother.


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