Monday, May 31, 2010

For Jana...

Our cousin Jana wanted to see a picture of me. So here you go! A little preview of me at 15 weeks (I'm 18 now).

What a difference three weeks makes! I think I'm 15 weeks in this picture and I'm 18 now. It's crazy how much bigger I've gotten. I'd take another picture today, but I haven't taken shower yet...and am grubby and dirty from taking the dogs to the dog park. So maybe in a while I'll take another picture....although it'll probably take me 3 weeks to post it.


Don't forget to vote on what gender you think Boo is. You can guess here.


  1. cute! I'm with Jana....I want to see the 18 week pic!! Just take it in the mirror of just your belly...we don't need to see your face..LOL...

  2. Alright lady, get a move on!!! This NC Auntie wants to see the belly!!! This is a cute picture...and I like the dress too ;)

  3. YAYYYY! :) Sorry this is a delayed response. but i totally just remembered i requested a picture and i was like hmmm i wonder if she ever put one up on the blog and you did!!!!! YAY! :)


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