Friday, May 28, 2010

Lesson learned: Do not Google.

At my 16-week appointment, I had some blood work done. The checked my blood platelets again, because they were low when they were tested at the beginning of my pregnancy. Low, but stil in the normal range. I guess my platelets haven't improved much this last time they were tested, so it's something that they're going to continue to monitor.

So during a spare moment at work, curiousity got the best of me and I googled, "low blood platelets and pregnancy."

The scariest thing I found....women with low blood platelets can't have an epidural during labor.

Scary. I know it can be done. But that doesn't mean I want to give birth without an epidural.

Granted, I'm assuming one's platelets have to be extremely low not to be able to have an epidural. And since I'm still in the normal range, I'm assuming that I still can have one. But it's something I'll definitely be asking my doctor about at my next appointment.

Giving birth. It scares me. But being forced to give birrth without an epidural. That really scares me.

Any there is no turning back now!

Also! I love all the comments you've left about Boo's sex. The big reveal date is set for June 8, so there are just 10 days left to leave your guess. 10 people have vote for a girl. 8 for a boy. If you haven't guessed yet, there is still time to do so. You can guess here.


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  1. Allow me to give my two cents here since I've given birth both with and without an epidural. Both of them hurt, but I made it through both of them. I really think that if for some reason they told you you couldn't have an epidural, you would be just fine. You'd have time to prepare, get ready for the breathing, the different techniques, etc. It's a lot different to go into labor knowing you're doing it w/no drugs, than to get in there and realize there's no time for drugs. You'll be so excited to meet Boo that you'll do whatever it takes. Women were made for this!!!


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