Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

This week, I'm thankful for the firefighters that protect our community. Yesterday, there was a big grass fire in the nature preserve less than a mile from my house! It happened while I was at work, but I could see the big ploom of smoke in the sky from my office that's 15 miles or so away. The nature area is one of my favorite places to go running and biking and it's surronded by homes. If it wasn't for the quick response and hard work from the firefighters, surely homes would have been damaged. The news story from KSTP says that at least six fire, police, and other agencies battled a massive grass fire in Shakopee.

My house wasn't in any danger (in fact, it didn't even smell like smoke at my house as the wind was taking the smoke a different direction.) The fire would have had to cross a whole different neighborhood, some woods and most of my neighborhood to get to my house. And I understand that it's part of nature's life cycle for prairie fires -- but still, this hits really close to home.

I have school tonight, but tomorrow night, I'm going to have to explore the nature preserve and my running/biking trail to make sure the tar path didn't melt.

Here's a news story about it...


  1. Thankfully you were all safe!! Let us know how your nature trail fares!

  2. Fires are so scary!! I'm glad you're okay and it didn't get near your place.

  3. Oh yes, I cannot imagine having a husband fighting fires as his career. What brave people! I think that is a profession that needs more recognition.

    Nice post!


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