Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last week I had a lot of fun at the Britney Spears concert in Minneapolis. I’m glad I went – it was fulfilling a childhood dream to see her in concert. The production-side was really good…amazing costumes and dancers and actual circus jugglers. It seemed so surreal to see her dropping down from the ceiling as the concert started. Seeing her really comeback. Seeing her really performing again. I was finally seeing her in concert.

You probably would need to have known me when I was in high school and college in order for you to fully understand why I say going to the concert was fulfilling a dream. And that's really what it was -- fulfilling a childhood dream. I don't really have the time, passion or desire to follow Britney on like I used to. But I digress...

Britney. So if you've heard anything about her concert, you've probably heard two things. 1) She isn't actually singing. 2) She's distant from the audience. Both are totally true. She didn’t say “Hey, Minneapolis”….or “Welcome to my show" until after the 3rd or 4th song. She does have a mic attached, but she didn’t even appear to be trying to sing her songs. They didn’t have a jumbotron (I think b/c they didn’t want people in the nose bleeds to see she wasn’t always moving her lips). So it just seemed like it was one big dance recital. I thought she sang danced to a good mix of old songs and new songs....which is good b/c I haven't bought her new CD and don't know all the songs on that album.

There's one thing I became aware of at the concert: if I ever have a girl, she's going to hate me! Most of the crowd was probably my age, but there were some teenagers -- 14 or 15 or so -- there with their moms. And I couldn't believe what those girls were wearing! Short, short, short spandex booty skirts that barely covered their butts. They had shirts that were just as revealing. They had some severe orange skin issues going on from too much tanning. Way too much make-up to be appropriate. They looked just like Miley Cyrus. I thought Miley was the only 16-year-old who dressed that way (because she's famous), but apparently teenagers in Minnesota (and probably everywhere too) do too.

The opportunity to go to the concert was really cool. When the tickets were about to go on sale, I saw a status for a friend from high school that said, "Want to go to Britney in a suite? Contact me ASAP!" Right when I saw that, Melissa emailed me and said, "Did you see Bria's status? We should go." So we emailed Bria and said we wanted in if there were any tickets left for the suite (even though I probably haven't talked to Bria in 5 years, but Melissa had), and that's pretty much how I got my ticket for the concert. It was cool having a suite. We had our own bathroom. We had the option for bottle service. They have to check your tickets when you come on to the suite level to make sure you are allowed to be there. If you get tired of the show, you can go into the suite and sit on a couch (but I didn't do that!).

That's pretty much the night. Here's some pics from the evening!

Ms. Britney Spears. Can you spot her?

Krissy and me. And a Britney ice sculpture. I think it's kinda freaky that it looks like Krissy's standing w/ someone...but it's the photo behind us.

Bria and me.


  1. Yeah, I've often wondered why parents let their kids dress like that and go tanning....it's like they're trying to be their best friends instead of their PARENTS!!!! Ridiculous. And yes, if we ever have a girl, I'm sure she'll hate me because I will NEVER let her wear clothes like a hooochie mama!!

  2. how fun! I always wonder what those concerts are like and I'm glad that you had a good time! I didn't know they did suites like that - very cool!


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