Thursday, April 9, 2009

We're Newlyweds!

Ok...technically, we've been married for three years, but today we are Newlywed's. Dave and I are the featured couple on the Newlywed's blog. All my loyal blog readers, go check us out and also check out the rest of Jenna's Newlywed blog!

This is my first time being featured on a blog (besides my own, where I'm featured everyday. lol), so it's pretty exciting for me. Thanks Jenna for featuring me. It's really an honor!

If this is the first time to my blog, WELCOME! I've really enjoyed finding some great blogs through the Newlywed's weekly featured Newylwed couple, so I'm happy that you all have a chance to get to know me too. And you're pretty much guaranteed that if you leave me comments, I'll check out your blog too. Let's be friends. :)

One thing I should add: The photo that of Dave and I on the Newlywed's blog appears courtesy of my sis-in-law, Katie Mathews Photography. She's having a contest right now where you can win free wedding coverage from her. Sweet!!! Get contest details.


  1. Jenny, Thanks so much for being my Newlyweds couple this week. Your tons of fun and I really enjoyed this!

  2. How exciting! It was a great blog post!

  3. Oh yayyy!! Stu and I were featured there too - so fun! I am off to read it now. :)

  4. isn't it awesome?! i love jenna's "meet the newlyweds" posts.

  5. Yeah, it's definitely really awesome!


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