Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chicago and Baby Jack

Two words can summarize by recent trip to Chicago: Jack and food.

The trip occurred last weekend when Melissa and I flew to Chicago to visit Erin and John and their new baby boy, Jack.

The last girls' weekend in Chicago was only 1 1/2 years ago, but apparently we've matured a lot since then. Last time we could be seen hanging out in downtown Chicago until the early morning. Not this trip. When John suggested we go out, we didn't want to go anywhere. We just wanted to stay home and watch movies, eat brownie sundaes and take turns holding Jack.

Although, not-so-coincidentally, we did take Jack into a few Irish pubs for lunch. One time a large pub crawl crew came into the bar as we were finishing up lunch. Apparently, having a baby a bar is a great way to get attention from guys (actually they were giving attention to the baby, not us), and it's also a great way to get some nasty looks from girls.

And a trip to visit Erin couldn't be complete without going downtown to Michigan Ave to go shopping. We went to the Coach store, we apparently the sales people were attention starved from lack of shoppers. I've never seen so many people help me find something that I'm not looking for. Like Coach rain boots. The girl says, "Aren't the C's cool. They're inspired from some art movement and they look like they're moving... blah..blah...blah. What size do you guys want? You all have to try them on." So we obliged and tried on the boats. I couldn't see the C's moving until I put the boots on my feet and looked in the mirror while I walked around. Then I got it.

I think I gained at least 5 pounds from all the food we consumed. It was all well worth it though. When I only get to Chicago once a year or so, I have to go all out. Thai food. Irish food. Italian food. Mexican food. Delicious!

The highlight was definitely seeing the Luckey's. It's so exciting to see Erin and John become parents. Jack was born several weeks premature, but is thriving and growing quick! In two months, he's already tripled his birth weight! He constantly likes being held, so that was great for Melissa and I since we went to Chicago to hold the little guy. The second he was put in his car seat, he'd start crying. We cuddled with him. We sang him little songs. Kissed his forehead. Fed him bottles. Let Erin change his diapers. In a couple of weeks, Jack will be in Minnesota for his baptism, so I'll get to see him again soon! Although it'll just be for a little bit.

Here's some pics from the trip.

Me and Jack

Awake and playing with his Auntie Jenny

Playing with Auntie Melissa

The aunties wore Jack out. Can they make baby clothes any cuter?

Jack sleeping in his favorite spot -- on his mommy!

Melissa's mom made this bib for Jack.

Can you see the C's move? Of course, we took a photo of the Coach boots!


  1. Babies and food: two things I can't resist! Lol.

    Sounds like you girls had a fantastic weekend.
    Jack is so cute!

  2. Jack is adorable!! And he looks very content with his Auntie Jenny :) I'm glad you had so much fun...although now I'm craving some Chicago deep dish pizza. Thanks a lot!! haha

  3. oh my goodness - what a little sweetie!! I'm so glad you got to go visit him. :)


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