Saturday, April 25, 2009

Privacy, Please!

Why is it that all the kids must follow me into the bathroom? They've been hanging out with me all morning. Apparently they want their photos taken!

Here are some updates from the Balow Bunch kids!!

Otis is still the captain of the bunch. He likes to steal rawhides from Cooper. He always has to cuddle with us. These days he's preferring attention from humans than playing with other dogs (except Cooper). He's almost three now and showing no signs of calming down (people are surprised to find out he's older than Cooper).

Don't tell the other pets, but Cooper is my favorite. How can you not fall in love with those big blue eyes? They've melted my heart. Cooper's pretty laid back around the house -- he's everyone's best friend -- even Gracie loves playing with Cooper. When we're not at home, Cooper is pretty shy, so he likes following Otis' lead.

Gracie decided she's not a cat anymore. She wants to be a dog! She's started licking Dave and I, just like the dogs do. Lately, when people come over they are surprised at how friendly Gracie's gotten at her old age of seven. She jumps in everyone's lap (she even let my nieces pet her the last time they were here.) She also loves playing with Cooper (but not Otis). I finally caught the two of them on camera, which you have to watch.

Hopefully, animal control doesn't come after me for this video. But you can tell they're just playing. For one, no one is growling or hissing (and both these pets will do that when they feel threatened!). Second, no one is getting up and running away.


  1. jenny, that is AWESOME! please capture more dog and cat fights/play. it makes me laugh...good stuff.

  2. that video is to funny.!!! I love pets.>>> they are a lot of fun,and just like one of the family.( which they are )


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