Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trying to save the world...

Dave's calling me for bed, but I'm just not ready. My head is too full of heavy thoughts. I know I'd just lay there thinking about the ways I could save the world. Not sure if these thoughts are worth blogging about....well, they're definitely worth it....but sometimes it's hard to put such private thoughts out there for the whole world to read. (Yeah, I know not the whole world reads The Balow Bunch, but in effect, they could).

I'd like to write Senator McCain a letter. I'd tell him that I'm not stupid. I see his political ploys for trying to get the VP debate cancelled. He seems to be scared of having Palin and Biden debate. Is he trying to protect Palin? How chivalrous of him.

What really scares me about the way McCain is handling his campaign is the fact the he's isolating himself from the media. He's isolating Palin from the media. If McCain and Palin can't talk to the media when they're trying to promote and sell themselves to the American public, how are they going to talk to the media when there is a real crisis? What happened to the straight talk express that believes in transparency?

Enough politics. That's frustrating me, but it's not what's bugging me tonight.

What about the crisis on Wall Street? Yes, that is worrying me. Apparently, tonight WaMu is being bought out by JP Morgan Chase. Yikes! I think my econ professor needs to go to Washington and teach our politicians some lessons on how to appropriately re-capitalize/rescue/bailout these banks. econ professor would have said, "Don't go there." Wait, he already said that back in March. He said we opened Pandora's box. I'm a nerd and this stuff interests me. Guess that happens when you've worked for a company that specialized in selling mortgage-backed securities to Wall Street -- yep, those securities with those bad subprime loans. The loans that are now causing our economy to implode. This stuff is close to home.

Hopefully, you've continued reading despite my ramblings about politics and other things. That was all a test to weed through my not-so-loyal-readers. Now this is the good stuff.

Please pray for my friend. Pray for love. Pray for health. Pray for peace.


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  2. Jenny, wouldn`t it be nice if we could save the world. If we could I would like to be on your team, and we would give it a good try.

  3. Of course I kept reading! Keep those thoughts coming...

  4. I agree this whole wall street things is unbelievable. I am worried that there may not be a purfect solution, but compromise if so hard for so many at this point...I try to think of my children's future...


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