Monday, September 8, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I had a nice surprise today -- guests for dinner. Dave made plans with my friend Michelle, her parents and adorable daughter, Julia, and they all came over for dinner and the football game. After making plans for a dinner party, Dave went to the grocery store to get the goods to make the meal. He put it in the crocked pot and made the whole meal by himself. I love when my husband shows off his skills! He made delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, steamed broccoli and curly fries. Our dinner guests were impressed! Too bad the Vikings aren't so impressive...

On another note, my dad has been talking about starting a blog for a long time now. I've kept telling him how easy it is to do and promising to show him how to do it. Guess he got tired of waiting around for me, cause he emailed me the link to his blog today!! My dad's retired from the military and politics is one of his main interests, so I'm sure that is what he'll mostly be blogging about. If you're interested in learning the truth behind a lot of the issues politicians preach about, check it out. My dad is one of the smartest people I know -- no -- probably the smartest person I know. I know he authentically cares about the issues that divide our country, so I value the things he has to say.


  1. Awww..I bet that was a nice surprise! That'll be fun to add another blog to the reader..I just cleaned mine up..I had like 90 things to read (I scanned

  2. David John learned well.. ask him about his secret weapon sometime. Love you...Pappy


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