Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another cabin weekend!

I feel like I'm behind on my posts. It's Wednesday and I'm just now blogging about my weekend at Michelle's family's cabin. Yeah, I was there just a month ago too. But if you know anything about summers in Minnesota, they're best when they're experienced on the shores of a lake. Well, I guess that's true for just about every season in Minnesota.

Actually it was overcast and rainy much of the weekend, but rain is more enjoyable and relaxing when you're safe inside a cabin, looking at the lake from after, lounging in sweatpants, and reading with a blanket over your lap.

We did some fun stuff.

--We went to the candy shop in Hayward. I loaded up on fudge and taffy.

--I caught my first fish! Just one fish. Julia caught five! But hey -- it's another checkmark on my 101 in 1,001 list.

--We watched the Fat Tire mountain bike race that finished at a resort right by the cabin. I think Dave should do it next year...since he already has a mountain bike. Anyone interested in joining him???

--I took a nap on Saturday afternoon.

--I read a lot of the book we're now reading for Book Club, Twilight.

--I got to play with Miss Julia and hang out with Michelle and her parents.

Oh, speaking of Julia, here's one for the "kids say the funniest things" list...

As we drive by a state trooper who was on the side of the road with its lights flashing red and blue, Julia exclaims, "Ooh. I want to go in there!"

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  1. I have some students reading Twilight...what do you think of it?


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