Monday, September 15, 2008

Leaves are changing colors...

One things I observed this weekend at Michelle's cabin is that the leaves up north are already changing colors. And quickly too. There was definitely more reds, yellows and oranges in the trees when we drove home than when we drove to the cabin.

In some ways it is a bummer. This summer seemed to go way too fast.

But it's also a reminder that there are things in life we can't control. Although I certainly wouldn't mind having more control -- and sometimes I try too hard. lol. I just need to let go and just enjoy what you got. Certainly summer was great, but with the dawn of fall we've got new things to look forward too.

I'm looking forward to the beauty of Earth as the trees change into their glorious warm colors. We're going to go apple picking and will enjoy the hayride, the apple juice and caramel apples at the apple orchard. We've got to get in as many trips to the dog park as we can before the weather gets cold. We watch football games (and the Vikings better start winning some games, b/c the losses make my husband mad). We wear warm sweaters and sweatshirts; and drink mochas, hot chocolate and hot apple cider. We get to eat squash and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie and turkey and cranberries. We don't have to rake leaves at my parents anymore! We've got a major election coming up and debates to watch between the contestants. We have Halloween and get to see kids all dressed up in their costumes.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

P.S. Speaking of football games, my high school soundly defeated Dave's high school on Friday in football! 49-16. He's trying to tell my St. Thomas Academy wasn't my high school (and technically he's right). But my school didn't have football b/c it was all girls, and STA was the boys school next door to mine-- so it's my surrogate football team. And I religiously went to STA football games every Friday night and cheered them on all through high school. Those were good times! And STA football is still the best!


  1. Nah, that football game must have been a fluke. Denfeld Hunters rule!!!!

  2. I will not get into the high school cheering...

    My favorite thing about fall is the weather...I actually like the fall days that require a sweatshirt! I also like apple picking, in fact I bought a bag of locally grown apples a week ago, and Matt is bumbed that I have not yet made apple crisp, apple pie or applesuace out of them ;)

  3. DHS DHS!! haha

    I always look forward to halloween and when it finally gets cool around's only 98 degrees right now...aaahhhh


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