Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy, Fun Weekend!

I can't believe another week is done! It's gone by so fast. It's probably helps that I really like my new job, it's challenging and keeps me busy. But I'm so tired this morning...and my busy weekend hasn't even started yet. I'm trying to be excited, because my weekend is going to be awesome...but what I really want to do is close my eyes and take a nap!

Tonight Dave and I need to clean so our house is ready for the party at our house tomorrow. Tomorrow we're having a BBQ for Jim and Aimee who are getting married in a couple of weeks. It's the pre-party for the bachelor and bachelorette parties that are tomorrow evening and all the guys and ladies are coming over to have lunch. Then I go to the bachelorette party -- we're going out downtown and staying at a hotel somewhere. Sunday I have to drive back home and Nicki is going to pick me up around 10. She's taking three lucky friends (I'm one of them) to Valleyfair. And she made sure that we all love the rides. Dave's doing the bachelor party Saturday night and the guys are sleeping over at our house. Sunday all the guys are going to the football game. Sunday night, we're going to the Phil Vassar concert at Mystic Lake.

Why is it that everything always seems to happen at the same time? Most weekends for us are boring -- then we get a crazy one like this.

Even though I'm really tired, I'm looking forward to it all...and hopefully my enthusiasm will get me through to Monday!

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