Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Alone. AAAHHHHH!

If only my name was Kevin, the title would fit perfectly.

This weekend I'm home alone. Well, not quite. The pets - Otis, Cooper and Gracie are home with me. But they just don't provide the conversation and sense of security that my charming husband provides me.

Dave's up north on the annual guy's fishing trip. This is a weekend he looks forward to all year long and he almost didn't go this year because he's flying to North Carolina to help his parents move and he felt bad being gone two weekends in a row. But he doesn't get to see these guys enough and he'd be wishing he was there if he was home, so I told him he should go. Of course, he listened!

Anyway, this is a really boring blog post. But I guess that's my mood right now anyway. I'm just relaxing at home with the dogs tonight. Tomorrow I'm having coffee with my dad, going to the farmer's market and seeing a movie with Krissy and Rachel. Then the next day, Dave will be home. It'll be a nice and quiet couple of weekends for me, but that's usually how I like it anyway.

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