Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiero calcetines

Tonight Emily and Amanda are sleeping over at my house. While we were eating, they said they missed their Auntie Stevie because she's always so far away, so we decided to make a movie for her. (Uncle Dave -- they miss you too, but they just didn't say it in the conversation). I don't even know if Stevie looks at this blog -- but hopefully you do...because this movie is for you.

Take 1

(Otis and Cooper went a little crazy).

Take 2 -- The real movie, "Quiero Calcetines"


  1. How cute are they?!?! lol Anthony sat here and watched it with me too :) WE MISS YOU AUNT JENNY!!!!!!!

  2. Dave -- You might recognize the beautiful "cougar print" pajamas. :)


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