Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If there is one thing that I hate's networking with people I don't know. To me networking reminds me of junior high dances -- especially during slow songs -- when I would awkwardly wait on the sidelines praying someone would come around and ask me to dance, and I would slowly become disappointed as the first verse would slip into the chorus and my chances of getting asked to dance would dwindle to nothing, and then I would find myself wishing I could be anywhere but standing alone surrounded by happily dancing couples. And even though I knew no one was going to ask me to dance, I would still get disappointed every time. Every. Time. (Perhaps I need a therapist?)

Back to this post's topic....

Luckily for me, I had the challenge opportunity to do some networking at this morning's MIMA event.

But when you're in a room filled with people you don't know...what are you going to do?

Option a) Stand in the corner all by yourself picking at a plate of fruit


Option b) Put your pride on the line and go introduce yourself to someone who *could be* waiting for you on the sidelines and hope that this person is 1) not a vendor and 2) able to carry on a decent conversation for a couple of minutes.

Despite my shyness and distaste for talking to people I don't know, I figureed Option B is the better way to go.

My first attempt was a foul ball. The two ladies I spoke with were not vendors, but not really interested in carrying on a decent conversation.

My second attempt was a triple. I met a nice lady who was not a vendor and was able to converse. And she even introduced me to a couple of other people. And she even invited me to join her for another networking session for a different professional group.

So I got through my morning and did a decent job. Networking doesn't have to be hard -- if you don't get too caught up on the fact that you're in a room and don't know a single soul. Thinking about this whole notion of networking, got me recalling that somewhere I made a goal to get more comfortable with meeting people. And wouldn't you know? It's right there on my list of 101 in 1,001. I seriously don't think I'll ever be fully comfortable with meeting new people and be able to cross it off my list, but hey, I'm making an effort.


  1. Gee..thanks for bringing back memories of the awful dances. I am right there with ya! haha. And yes, I agree that networking SUCKS!! Why is it that everyone else always looks so comfortable talking to strangers? Surely you aren't the only one freaking out on the inside... Anyway, I'm proud of you :)

  2. good for you! You're better at it than I am! I went to one of those things once and ended up leaving early. :)

  3. Good job facing those "fears."


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