Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everyone and their a muskrat

Yesterday, everyone and their dog was at the dog park. Well, except Dave...he had to work. Otis, Cooper and I went with our friends Melissa, Mike and his dog, Hudson. The dogs had a lot of fun running around, since they hadn't been to the dog park in about two months. The park we visited had a big pond, but it was frozen...which was nice b/c it made the park a lot bigger as there was more space to run around.

Cooper was over on the side of the pond playing with another dog and what looked like a little puppy from a distance. I even said, "Hey, guys look at the little puppy Cooper's playing with."

But as I looked closer, it looked like it might be a gray football.

By now, Otis was checking this thing out. And some other dogs too.

Then, "Ew! That's not a dog or a football. That looks like a mole or a rat. Ew, it's a muskrat."

The dogs were chasing it...the muskrat was trying to run...then it froze in its tracks...the dogs were pawing at it...the muskrat was snapping back.

The muskrat was freaking out. I was freaking out too. The dogs were intrigued. "Otis, Cooper, COME!" Thank goodness they came when I called, while two crazy men picked it up and threw it onto the other side of the fence and saved all the dog park patrons from the muskrat.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones trying to enjoy the wonderfully warm weather!

And I'm thankful for dog vaccinations!


  1. Never heard of a[Muskrat] they must just have those in Minn..Is that what we call a rat here in N.C.? Anyway you can keep them in Minn.

  2. No, they're different from a rat. I think they live more in water than rats. They're still nasty looking.

  3. Even though they are not pleasant, I was glad your story did not end with a muskrat massacre!!

  4. lol. Yeah, I guess things could have been worse!


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