Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little lunch time post...

On Monday, I was dreading this week. I was exhausted by our weekend trip to Duluth.

Today, I can't believe that another week is flying past so quickly!

It's been just another regular week at our house, and that's just the kind I like. Last night, before the debate, Krissy and I went to this little coffee shop called Rise and Wine. It's more than just a coffee shop. They also have a wine bar. They also have a light menu. It has a great atmosphere and is one of a few locally-owned coffee shops in my neck of the woods, and an overall great experience with one of my best friends. Although at 8:00 I had to rush out, so I could watch the debate. I might post more of my reaction later, but probably I won't. But I was very pleased with how my candidate presented himself and his stance on issues and how he's going to help our country.

I just know that whoever wins the election is going to have an enormous challenge to fix our economy and get our country back on track. And I'll pray that he and his advisers will have the wisdom to make good policies. I haven't been too thrilled with either candidates ideas on how to improve the economy. I think they have ideas that will help big business and will help people who our losing their homes to foreclosure -- but they don't have much that will help the majority of people who are struggling with job security, higher food and gas prices, but continue to pay their mortgage. The unfortunate part of the crisis we find ourselves in, is that no one seems to know exactly what to do to fix it. I don't even think the executives on Wall Street know what to do -- I don't think they really wanted their companies to fail and they didn't want the government to be bailing them out (although I suppose that is a better option than failing). Basically, I think that if they could have avoided this crisis, they would have and now they don't know what to do to get out of it b/c their theories about conducting business have just failed them.

Here's another thing that I've been thinking about -- I guess it's my own personal theory about our current state of capitalism in our country. We've heard the statistics -- something like 95% of the world's money is in the hands of 2% of the population. The way that our society works is that the wealthy keep getting richer and richer, and a gap is constantly growing between the middle class and the wealthy. However, the middle class is really the engine that keeps our economy going. Well, what if....the money in our society is now so concentrated in the hands of a very few wealthy individuals and the middle class doesn't have the disposable income they need to keep our economy going...that we've just hit some tipping point and now our economy is crumbling. If there's X amount of money, and there is some sort of multiplier that keeps putting more money in the hands of a few, then eventually there is not going to be enough money for the majority of people to keep functioning. If the middle class gets strapped too thin and don't have any disposable income to spend...b/c the prices of gas, food, housing have gone up...then they can't buy any other goods and then our whole economy falters. This is definitely a very crude and overly-simplified theory....just made up by myself...and I hope that it's not right...and I don't know if I'm explaining it clearly...but the more I think about it...the more it seems to make sense.

Anyway, if you're still with me....I'm back to my week. Tonight Dave and I are going to make Lasagna Roll-ups. A new recipe for us to try...and it's bound to be can any form of pasta and ground beef and cheese and red sauce be bad?? It can't!

Friday is an exciting day. Dave and Otis start agility! Actually, it's the first it's just the human...not the dog...but we're all really excited that Otis finally gets to start agility!

And I'm looking forward to this weekend. We have nothing to do! Saturday, I might go to a movie with my family. Sunday is church and Melissa and I are meeting to get some stuff for Erin's baby shower! I'm looking forward to relaxing!

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