Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ebay -- your input please!

Do you use ebay? What kind of stuff do you get good deals on through ebay? I guess that's my main question for you guys.

I don't use ebay often, but I would if I knew what I could get really good deals on. I found one really great thing to get off ebay recently -- Dog poop bags.

We go through those little rolls you get at the pet store like nobody's business and we go through them super fast. And they're so expensive at the pet store. Instead of paying $12 for 120 bags...I paid $11 for 400 bags.

Are there any other random items that you buy through the site that you need, but you hate paying full price for them??

Let me know! I love bargains!


  1. I think the only thing I've ever gotten from ebay was the Elmo cake pan for Edwin's first birthday. It was one that went out of production about 10 years ago, so it was the only place we could find it.

    Sorry I'm not more help!!

  2. Jaybee, We do not use ebay,but some of our friends do and they have had real good luck. Ask Katie I know she has used it before.


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